2015: Debut

(The Chocolate Album)

From Southern Florida comes the new self-titled, self-released debut album from the funk/rock band Sub Groove. Their music borrows many different aspects from their early influences and mixes them together to create some uniquely enjoyable tunes. The new ten-song release begins with the nineties alternative pop of "Just Keep Running Away," then their music gives off a Living Colour vibe with "Slide You Up." Their sound ventures in jazz with modern R&B/funk feel of "(I'll Be) Moving On," and then crossbreeds Prince with Red Hot Chili Peppers-type rock into "While The Sun Shines." They quicken the pace with the strong bass groove of "The Money Cries (When You Smile)," before closing with the seven-minute blues of "Where You Belong."  

2017: Shades Off


Southern Florida funk band, Sub Groove return with their sophomore album titled "Shades Off." The new 30-minute, 8-track release begins with the deep bass groove of "Amplified," as if you were listening to a new song by the Commodores. Sub Groove deliver a more rock oriented vibe with "LOL," while "Dancing On The Moon" feels as if it came straight from the seventies nightclubs. After the marching rhythm and Prince-like vocals of "Checkmate," Sub Groove finish up their new album with the infusion of blues and funk on the title-song, "Shades Off."