Overall Winner! 

Jango Radio

July 2018


Those of you in South Florida, and others who discovered them online, know that in their first eclectic offering, "Sub Groove" the band showed glimpses of their potential future with catchy, hook-ladened pop-funk anthems such as, "Slide You Up", "Recipe", "Just Keep Running Away" and "While The Sun Shines".

The opportunity to find "their sound" is realized on this second outing (untitled as of this date) with a string of cohesive, well-written songs ranging from the aggressive, reality-minded, "Shades Off" to preaching the gospel of love - in all its forms - with the Family Stone reminiscent, "LOL" (Ladder of Life) and a healthy dose of slick, get-down odes to the love for a woman, like "Cookin' Sugar", "Checkmate", "Amplified", "Dancing on the Moon" and the world oriented, "Poquito Latina". "Other Side of the World", although not the last track in sequence, rounds out the album with a loaded old-school feel James Brown would have appreciated - God rest his soul.

Singularly, and as a collection, the music here is that which could (and should) seriously elevate the profile of the artist and tie them in to the resurgent funk-era "groove" bands making their way back to main stream consciousness. Let's all hope that happens.


Perhaps more than any other musical genre or sub-genre, funk builds from the bottom up, so it's appropriate that South Florida funk quartet Sub Groove is based closed to the southernmost point in the United States. And it's the goal of vocalist/keyboardist MC Kal El, guitarist SK1, bassist/vocalist Dre and drummer/percussionist/vocalist Time-X is to build funk back up from that rhythmic foundation.

Recorded using vintage analog equipment, our first album, 'Sub Groove' captures the performances of a scintillating live band in a studio setting.