Last Shot

I know you're leaving, I see it in your eyes
The hard part of you're tell you goodbye.

You lay there alone, you play on the phone
Our love, it needs giving, who's dreams are you living?

I don't know what to do,
I don't know what to say,
If you want to leave, I will stand away.
Tell me what went wrong, has our time gone bye, to work it out and keep our dreams alive?
If you go, never the same again,
The odds are - its your last shot.

A lifetime, in your eyes, until you say goodbye.
Our choices here are gone, you choose to move on.

The Money Cries (When You Smile)

I feel your style - like a cat on a hot tin roof,
Your everything I'm on, but I can't get close to you.
I want you - exclusive,
Don't need to share you with the "other guy".....Change it.

Face to face - I want it better,
The money cries when you smile.

Don't want no brief encounter,
Don't want no bedroom screening after dark......Make it.
I know you - your hot spot,
My people turn on, keep then drop the dime......Take it.

Give to me - I want together,
Waiting line is wasting time.
Face to face - you know its better,
Share the ride with me inside.

Fantasy or scarlet letter?
No more lies - seize the prize.
Face to face - I love you better,
The money cries when you smile.

Red Wine / Dirty Mouth

You're slaving' it to the grind, the time is right for changing,
you're needing it to unwind, life needs rearranging,
So you're thinking its party time, I'm all about that feeling,
But baby don't lose your mind, cuz if you do, then I'll be singing...Uh Oh...

You're getting into the vibe, the band is rockin' steady,
You're shaking it to the rhymes, dancing like your crazy,
You're drinking the finest kind, but its getting a little hazy,
And now you're speaking your mind, you keep tellin' me, you keep tellin' me...Uh Oh...

Red Wine - Your Dirty Mouth.....
Red Wine - Your Dirty Mouth....
Red Wine - Your Dirty Mouth.....
Red Wine - Your Dirty Mouth....

While The Sun Shines

I'm driving down the backroads, baby and I don't know what to do,

No light, no sight, no signal, and I can't get over to you.
We've got unfinished business,
Is it better that I know?
I keep calling you, Hey!  Hey!   Hello?!

Now I'm gettin' some emo static, don't think I'm gonna make it through, I ain't seeing no light in the tunnel and I'm thinking that I know the truth,
Its green but dying, no duck is in a row,
I keep telling you, Hey!  Hey!  Let Go!

Before the Sundown - You won't see it my way,
Before the Sundown - Gonna leave this wild day,
Before the Sundown - Heading to the highway,
And I won't be back around.

What am I doing, trying to get through to you?   I'm giving up.

Slide You Up
Baby, I got news for you,
I'm gonna settle it down and make my move.
We're good together - built for two,
Its time we make the most of what we can do.
I'm gonna slide you up,
cuz baby you light me up,
so baby don't tie me up,
 Because its time and your fine and your mine - forever.
Baby! What to do?
I can only picture a wrecking crew.
Hey Lady! are you in the mood?
Its time to make it count with some attitude.

I'm gonna slide you up,
cuz baby you light me up,
so baby don't tie me up,
 Because its time and your fine and your mine - forever.

Where you belong

Rain falling down on my window
it's been falling down for years and days
I wish there was somewhere I could go
I don't know how much more I can take

My baby's gone, my baby left me
Feeling enveloped by the cold
Feel the light going from my soul
hunkered down, underground, down
in the hole

Can you please please please please...... rescue me

I don't want to face this alone, so why don't you come back home where you belong.

I don't want to face this alone, so why don't you come back home ..........where you belong

Modern Times

Emails, cell phones, texts and faxes
I'm working 8-6 just to pay these taxes
Life's thicker than a pancakes' house molasses
haters everywhere, they can kiss the a--es

I'm still growing up you can call me "grass is"
or gracious- I thank you very much
Trying to keep it real y'all, but you know it's tough
but I'm the man with the plan and the Midas touch- C'mon

Modern Times. Modern Times

People killing just for fun all because they're bored and...
mom threw away the kid, cause she couldn't afford it
Should be down on my knees-just thinking the Lord and...
reality' s not TV, but you still record it

Well this is what I find in Modern times
enough stuff broached here just to blow your mind....
A million hits on YouTube so now I shine
but when the fifteen' s up-it's suicide?! C'mon!

Modern Times. Modern Times 

(I'll be) Moving On

When it's over, what becomes of the broken hearted?

What is it here, that's so better than tomorrow
Drowning in fear and loathing
Lost in the days of sorrow

So bad, so sad
No one wants to be alone
So bad, so sad
You're gone so I guess that I'll be moving on

Do you remember, the nights when we held
each other tight?
It could have been September
But it's hard to tell the days from the endless nights (don't you know?)

" " king of it all but you're sittin' on a paper throne
" " you Da Man, but you're all alone? Huh

" " surrounded by many but feel so all alone
" "  a house that'll never ever be a home.

So sad, so bad
You're gone so I guess that I'll be moving on.


Umm umm umm hmmmm
It's 2:30 in the morning baby, uh I'm knocking at your door
I need some of that good stuff darling
Ooh I got to have me some more

No, it's not what you're thinking-aww naw girl
it's not about the sex!
It's about that food you cooked last night that left me so impressed!

I say baby, baby- it's really easy to see
Take a look, at your cookbook...... PLEASE?!
Recipe-baby, ooh I need to get me a taste
Recipe-baby, my place or your place

Ladies, the quickest way to a man's heart
is through his stomach well that's no kid
I never knew such validity
until you did what you did when you did

Now you got me wanting baby-
morning, noon and night
it's something magic 'bout the things that you do
with those flavoured dishes and that covered rice!

I'm just pulling up to the house
I see the steam rising off the plate
Is she wearing that apron? The one that says
"Kiss the cook"
I got sauce dribbling down my chin
wondering when we gonna do it again?
Aww naw don't make me wait, please don't procrastinate
I need to get me another hot plate!
Make it hot! And tasty

"SubGroove" (The Chocolate Album)

Just Keep Running Away

I wonder what is it about you, that makes me act like this
that try as I may, I just can't (seem to resist)
your body, that waistline ooh you're so fine (gotta have more than this)
since good friends is all that we'll be, well sunshine I've had enough of this- yeah

Well it's time for me to get off this merry-go-round
Get my head out the clouds and my feet back on the ground
I said it all before so there's really not much to say
Try to give you (my love), but you just keep running away
You just keep running away, you just keep running away

I must be crazy, here I go (picking up the phone)
to text you or call you, but I wonder-(are you home alone?)
hey Siri, can you help me? Can you help me!?
(To not pick up the phone) and realize in the end
it's better to leave you girl alone-yeah

I tried to give you the moon and stars
unlock the combination of your heart
In due time it might be ok, but for now
I choose to run the other way........