• Just Keep Running Away4:29
  • Slide You Up3:24
  • Recipe4:27
  • (I'll Be) Moving On4:53
  • While the Sun Shines4:13
  • Modern Times4:43
  • Red Wine, Dirty Mouth4:05
  • The Money Cries (When You Smile)3:37
  • Last Shot4:26
  • Where You Belong6:44



Sub Groove is on the Radio!

"Recorded in rich, analog sound, "Sub Groove" displays some clever songwriting and great hooks with diverse feels from funk to rock, Jazz to hip-hop, even reggae and soulful blues."  (2015)

​Tour Video


​"Coming off the heels of their far reaching debut album, Sub Groove delivers, "SHADES OFF", a magnetic second effort that dives headlong into a deeper and more powerful funk presence, with the band distilling themselves as a syncopating, body-rocking force majeure.."  (2017)


Performing Artist

  • Amplified4:46
  • LOL4:17
  • Dancing On The Moon4:00
  • Cookin' Sugar4:17
  • Checkmate3:25
  • Poquito Latina4:27
  • Other Side Of The World3:04
  • Shades Off3:54

Slip, Hip, Body Rocking Funk

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